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This is a YouTube Partnership Network dedicated to herping channels. It is free to join and requires no contract. But will still benefit your channel in many ways...

The British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust Was founded in 2013, by Matthew Higginson. The aim of this organisation is to unite all Herpetologists on youtube as ONE! Not just herpers from the UK, but everyone. Weather you just video your pet reptiles/Amphibians or weather you actually go out herping, it doesn't matter. We want as many people to join as possible. I don't see why you won't want to join as it's free, and will do nothing but help promote your youtube channel, also I get no benefit out of this. All the details about this free service and how to join can be found here:

Or click the British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust's Logo!

Benefits Of Joining:

  • It's FREE!
  • We will enable you for the monetisation and custom thumbnails feature on youtube. The term monetisation means that adverts will show up on your videos, and so you will make money from youtube! Also the custom thumbnail feature will mean you can upload custom thumbnails of your own as our thumbnails for your videos to make them look even better and attract more viewers!
  • We will also enable you to be able to livestream on your youtube channel! (depending on your accounts status and stability)
  • Also is requested (by emailing me a I will make you a intro video for your videos for you to use at the start of every video to make them more SNAZZY!
  • All Your videos will be put onto this website where appropriate. E.G: If you've videod a Grass Snake your video will be uploaded on the Grass Snake page. This will benefit your youtube channel because it will give you an opportunity to get more views as people visiting this website will be likely to watch it.
  • I will give regular shoutouts on my youtube channel Snakes1000000, about new members. This will help in advertisation and will enable you to get more views and subscribers.
  • If requested I'll make you a YouTube one channel banner, I'll also make you an intro/outro video for your channel. This will help in the branding of your channel and will make it look more professional!
  • If you send me a request to make a montage of your channels youtube videos, I will do. (But only if requested) This again will help in the Promotion of your youtube channel.
  • If you have 100 subscribers or more you can request for me to make an app for your youtube channel. This will help in letting your subscribers know when you post a new video! - Leading to more views!
  • You'll have the opportunity to collaborate YouTube videos with other YouTubers partnered with this network. Even Me!
  • All herping channels will be united as one, this will help new youtube channels start out as I will advertise them. Also it is then easier to find herping channels as all the members will be listed on this page.

I will give links to all your youtube channels on my account. And all members will be added to my featured channels list.

  • There is also a lot of other benefits that you will receive, but I've just started this organization and haven't come up with any others just yet.
There's No Reason Not To Join, Its Free!
'How To Join?
It's simple. In order to join you must, have a youtube channel where you do some sort of herping videos that involves reptiles and amphibians (you can do other things on that channel as well). You must create a wikia account. You can do this by going to the top right hand corner of the page and clicking 'Sign Up'. Make the account name the same as your youtube channel name. Once you've created your account go back onto this page and click edit. Anyone can edit this page as it's a wikia site. Once your into the editing page, scroll down the page to where it says 'members'. A list of members will be located here in a table. Go to the bottom of the list and type in your youtube user name under the column
'user name'. Then in the column next to it titled 'British Herping Wiki Account URL' paste in your user name address. You can find this by right clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and then click 'copy link address'. Then just paste the link into the column. Next type your your youtube channel URL into the next column along titled 'youtube channel URL. Once you've done all of this click publish. Your edit will now go live on to the website and you will now be a member. I will then contact you through your wikia account, as soon as I find out that you've become a member. If you are unsure about any of this just contact me at - Also if it would be possible can you add on your youtube one banner, saying partnered with the British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust network. If this isn't possible, don't worry. Just state this on your information about your channel, or somewhere else that's relevant.
The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!

The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!

If You Have trouble joining just send me a personal messege on YouTube
We have recently created an app for this network on the OpenAppMkt! Click here to dowload the app

- Available on all iOS devices and Androids! (The app isn't currently available!)

British Herping Wiki APP! Updated - Plus Lots of other Apps "iOS & Android Compatible"-0

British Herping Wiki APP! Updated - Plus Lots of other Apps "iOS & Android Compatible"-0

Also you can download our main app for this website which also features a tab for this partnership network!


The British Herping Wiki App ANDROID Release & iOS 7 Beta 2

The British Herping Wiki App ANDROID Release & iOS 7 Beta 2.0! (British Reptiles & Amphibians)


Japan Herping ChannelMembers!

YouTube Name: British Herping Wiki Account URL: YouTube Channel URL:
1. Snakes1000000 (Founder) User:Snakes1000000

2. Snakes1000000HD  User:Snakes1000000
3. Tenaki2427 User:Tenaki2427
4. DL Reptiles User:DL_Reptiles
5. Ben Armatage User:Reptileboy25
6. Marinematttt User:Marinematttt
7. Piet Spaans User:Piet_Spaans
8. Silver Newts User:Silver_Newts
9. Ranatemporariapro1 User:Ranatemporariapro1
10. Wastedwildlifeclub2 Woodland Wildlife Council Account
11. Wastedwildifeclub Woodland Wildlife Council Account
12. TheWWCBasildon Woodland Wildlife Council Account
13. WoodlandsWildlife2 Woodland Wildlife Council Account
14. TheWWCCanvey Woodland Wildlife Council Account
15. ScottishWWC Woodland Wildlife Council Account
16. TheWWCBenfleet Woodland Wildlife Council Account
17. Snakesbac User:Snakesbac
19. The Salamander Bros User:The_Salamander_Bros
20. GSMAI Reptiles User:GSMAI_Reptiles
21. ReptileGuys User:Reptileguys
22. Japan Herping Channel
23. Reptiles UK

Shoutout Videos!
British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust - Shoutouts 1

British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust - Shoutouts 1


Founded By Matthew Higginson Summer 2013


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