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The Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca) is a small snake native to the United Kingdom, it is considered endangered and it is illegal to touch or disturb them without the required licensing. It occurs in localized areas throughout England but is absent from Scotland and, like all Snakes, Ireland.


This species stays small, attaining lengths of approximately 20-24 inches. They are generally pale tan to grey in colour with deep brown or black markings, of the three native Snakes, this species and the Adder resemble one anopther most. It may have dar brown spots running the length of it's body, particularly on the flanks but specimens have been noted with long, dark grey stripes running from just behind the head to the end of the tail. The eye is golden and the pupil round as this is a diurnal species.

Behaviour & DietEdit

This Diurnal Snake is often seen around large piles of wood or scrap metal where it will bask. Lizards often bask here also, and rodents make their homes among them - both of which are noted to be preted upon by the Smooth Snake.


Breeding occurs in Spring with young being born in Autumn, this species may only breed once every two years if conditions are unsuitable. They are viviparous and give birth to as many as 10-15 young at a time, these will feed on the young of Lizards after being born.

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