Coryphoblennius galerita is a species of combtooth blenny found in the eastern Atlantic ocean. It was first named by Linnaeus in 1758, and is commonly known as Montagu's blenny. It is the only species in the genus Coryphoblennius. Coryphoblennius galerita is a species of fish of the family Blenniidae in the order of Perciformes .


• The males can reach reach 7.6 cm in total length. 

edit ]ReproductionEdit

It is oviparous .

edit ]PredatorsEdit

In the Azores Islands is predated by Serranus atricauda .

edit ]HabitatEdit

It is a fish of Tues and subtropical climate .

edit ]GeographicEdit

It lies along the western coast of England , the English Channel , the Iberian Peninsula , Morocco , France , Madeira , the Canary Islands , the Mediterranean Sea , the Sea of Marmara and theBlack Sea .

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