Levant water frog

Mating pair

The Levant Water Frog (Pelophylax bedriagae), formerly belonging to the genus Rana, is a southern European species of frog. They are green to brown in color with dark blotches on their dorsal side. They are cousins of the aquatic frogs and live most of the time in the water. They are not poisonous and are quite large, especially the females. It has been introduced in some countries were it was not native, one of which is Malta. First kept as a pet, then recently during the 1990s, it was deliberately introduced to a number of fresh water rock pools in Gozo, where in one it sustains a large population. Though a prolific and invasive species, it is restricted to constant fresh water supply, so it cannot spread naturally on its own on arid Mediterranean islands.

In the UKEdit

Through the indroduction of the "Green Frogs":- Pelophylax ridibundus – marsh frog, Pelophylax lessonae – pool frog, Pelophylax kl.'esculentusedible frog (P. lessonae ×P. ridibundus) the levant water frog has accidently been released into many areas of the UK, but proven not successful, with the only breeding pairs being in Devon.

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