1. Dig a small hole in the woods. Make one side of the hole deeper than the other, to allow space for both a dry and wet area.
  2. Make sure there are no roots in the way.
  3. Pour water into your hole, filling the deeper side with water. If the water dissipates (e.g: not enough clay in the dirt), line that side of the hole with part of the garbage bag first.
  4. Put the garbage bag over the hole.
  5. Gently place excess dirt over the bag.
  6. Check each day. but check every 4 or 5 hours.
  7. Uncover the hole. With any luck, there should be a small salamander in the hole.
  8. After you catch the Salamander, give it a nice home and love it forever.


    • When you grab the salamander, wear gloves. The oils on your skin can kill it.
    • Be gentle and don't handle it too much. This is a wild creature that needs its freedom to survive, so release him quickly, under some leaves or fallen wood.
    • Be sure to take extra care with the tail, as salamanders detach their tails as a defense mechanism.
    • Have fun with your new salamander!

Watch The videos below to Watch a demonstration on how to catch A Salamader. PS: If you need any other herping help videos to be added on to this wiki contact me at Edit

How to Catch A Salamander Or Newt

How to Catch A Salamander Or Newt.

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