This article will explain how you can catch tadpoles so that you can keep them as pets either as brief visitors, or a
Handful of Tadpoles
permanent member of your household.

1). Tadpoles Prepare transport for the tadpoles that you capture. You will need a large plastic container and/or some plastic cups. Most plastic containers are acceptable.

2.) Research frog care. A responsible pet owner will understand what these critters need ahead of time. Frogs need as much or more care than fish. They will also require very clean, filtered water, usually requiring aquarium filtration. You cannot just stick them in a fish tank and expect them to thrive! Some tadpoles need dirty water if they lived in it. Some frogs may lay their eggs in ditch water or swampy water. Make sure to aerate the water daily. 3). Prepare a habitat for the tadpoles ahead of time. For short periods of time, a goldfish bowl, transparent plastic box, or even a kiddie pool will do. If you are planning for them to be permanent pets, you will need to set up a real terrarium. Gather some of the moss or other things in the area. They may eat the moss off rocks or if it just in a bundle. 4.) Go to a nearby pond and look for small animals swimming in the water that look like the tadpoles in the above image. 5). Use a plastic cup or ladle to scoop some tadpoles up. 6). Fill the container up with water from the pond and gently lower the tadpoles into the container. 7). Repeat these steps until you have as many tadpoles as you desire, keeping in mind that they will grow into frogs that you will have to take care of or release into the wild.


  • If you are not prepared to care for these creatures long-term, release them back into their environment in a few days.
  • Not all frogs are appropriate pets.
  • Bullfrogs, for instance, grow to be too large for a household aquarium. And you may have toad tadpoles in your aquarium, which may make equally good pets but require different care.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic containers such as cups, lidded plastic containers, etc.
  • A ladle, small net, or other device to scoop the tadpoles up with.
  • Aquarium/Terrarium appropriately set up for your species.( at least 2 gallons )
  • Moss or rocks from where you found them.
  • Once they start turning into frogs you can put a larger steady rock so they can exercise their legs.
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