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How to catch A lizard in the Sahara desert!

How to catch A lizard in the Sahara desert!

By snakes1000000. PS: Ok so its not in the Sahara desert but its a better title :)


1).Learn about the lizards you are trying to catch. Skinks, chameleons, and their kind are fast and shy, where geckos and toads are rather unconcerned about your presence until you make a threatening gesture or movement. You should try to learn as much as you can by reading about and observing the quarry.

2).Plan your catch. Find the most likely place for locating the lizard. This will usually be associated with their food supply or hiding places, and you will want to enter the area they frequent in a stealthy, sneaking manner to get as close to an undisturbed subject as possible. This may mean removing obstructions like lawn furniture, bicycles, or whatever impedes your access to the area the lizards use.

3.)For the faster varieties of lizards like skinks and chameleons, you may want to have an adult with some sewing or craft skills help you fashion a net. This may be a simple bag sewn with cheesecloth or other open weave fabric, stretched onto a stiff wire loop made from a clothes hanger. The net will allow you to capture the lizard without harming him when he is grabbed, so there is at least that benefit from it.

4).Turn over anything geckos can hide under, boards, boxes, firewood, or other stuff in cool, moist places in the yard where they can hide undisturbed. They will scurry away, but they are not too fast if you are ready for them.

5).Hunt for lizards around lights at night. This concentrates them where their food is, near porch lights, lighted windows, and other lights which attract insects and bugs. They will still be wary, so use a slow, careful approach when getting near them.

6).Use the slowest most nonthreatening posture and approach you are able to. Sudden movements, or violent attacks will cause the lizards to seek safety where it is not likely you will see them for some time. Some, like the true chameleon, may notice you "because" you move slowly toward them. Watch what "they" do while waiting for their prey, moving slowly back and forward as though they were waving in a make their prey less wary. If you do this same back and forward motion, you may find you can slowly move right up to them, even touch them with your hand slowly moving back and forward until your hand is positioned where you want. Then make the grab without endangering them.

7).You can make a simple trap and watch the lizard go in for bait or curiosity, and trigger the closure of the trap manually once the lizard is inside. To avoid injury, make the entranceway long enough for the lizard to move in and far beyond the door before closing.

Watch The videos below to Watch a demonstration on how to catch A Lizard. PS: If you need any other herping help videos to be added on to this wiki contact me at Edit

Herping Help How to Catch A Lizard

Herping Help How to Catch A Lizard

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WWC- Herping help How to catch a lizard

WWC- Herping help How to catch a lizard

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