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A heath or heathland is a shrubland habitat found on mainly low quality acidic soils, characterised by open, low growing woody vegetation, often dominated by plants of the Ericaceae. There are some clear differences between heath and moorland. for example moorland has a very peaty topsoil, it is also free draining whereas a heath is not, moorland is generally related to high-ground heaths with — especially in Great Britain — a cooler and damper climate.

Heaths are widespread worldwide. They form extensive and highly diverse communities across Australia in humid and sub-humid areas. Fire regimes with recurring burning are required for the maintenance of the heathlands. Even more diverse though less widespread heath communities occur in Southern Africa. Extensive heath communities can also be found in California-chaparral, New Caledonia, central Chile and along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to these extensive heath areas, the vegetation type is also found in scattered locations across all continents, except Antarctica.

What Native Species of Amphibians & Reptiles can you find hereEdit

Well all native species in the UK can be found here. Obviously where the heath is in the UK would effect what species you can find as not all of the species live ALL though out the UK. Some are confined to small areas.

You can find the Grass Snake Practicly in almost all heathlands through out the UK along with the Adder, Common Lizard, Common Frog and Common Toad. And some areas where Pool Frogs inhabit you can find them there to for example a heathland in Norfolk. You can find Sand Lizards here as long as its a sandy Heathland near the Coast and in a place where they inhabit for example Dorset. You can find Smooth Snakes in this Habitat Aswell as long as again the Heath is somewhere where they Inhabit again Dorset. You can find Naterjack toads here as long as its a sand heathland near the Coast and a heath somewhere where they inhabit for example Norfolk. You can find Slow worms here as long as there is a mixture of heath and Forest. The Best place to go Herping in the UK is Dorest as it is the Only place in the UK that has all the Native Species. Only a small population of Pool Frogs but there, there.

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