Fire bellied toad


The European Fire-bellied Toad Bombina bombina is a fire-bellied toad native to mainland Europe.

Fire-Bellied toads have a bright lime green dorsal traversed by black spots, and orange to bright red bellies with black bars and stripes. The skin is mildly bumpy, the eyes set high to suit a semi-aquatic life style, and also well webbed back feet. Color and body variations will be described for each of the other 3 species commonly sold as or mistaken for Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads. They are the largest of the bombina family.These toads are slightly toxic sometimes to humans. When they shed their skin, they bloat themselves and make a coughing sound, then start to tear the old skin off with their mouth, and eat it for nutrition, to reveal newer, brighter skin.

In The UKEdit

These toads are sold in many pet shops and are then released in many sited in Britain. There are around 40-50 breeding pairs.

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