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This website is founded and Managed by The British Reptiles And Amphibians Trust 2013©

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This is the only website to include ALL the amphibians & reptiles which you can find in Britain. It includes all the introduced species as well. From the Wall Lizard to the Dice snake. Our aim is to have 1,000 pages on this site. The aim of the British Herping Wiki is to show the immense diversity of the native species and that of the introduced species of reptiles and amphibians which have bred in the UK. Check out our articles; you will be surprised just how many species have bred here and have created a sustainable population.

If you have seen any other Reptiles Or Amphibians In the UK Which Aren't on this website please feel free to add a page about it:

Make sure to state where you saw it. You can add information about it from Wikipedia. But don't add any information from any other website other than that. We would also appreciate it if you add pictures and videos to this site to help illustrate the pages.

Or if your unsure about adding it yourself contact me at to add the page for you, THANKS! Don't forget to mention where you saw the reptile/amphibian.

How You Can Help?

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The staff at the British Herping Wiki would mainly appreciate it if you could edit/add more pages to the category of "Habitats" as this category is most in need of help content/quantity wise. They would also appreciate it if you could add any photo's you have taken of any amphibians & reptiles that you have seen in the UK, or of any that you've seen out of the UK but exists in the UK, weather it's native/non-native. You can check to see if the species has bred in the UK by checking out the list of pages on amphibians & reptiles on the British Herping wiki. Also if you know of any amphibians/reptiles that have bred/breeding in the UK that isn't on this wiki feel free to add a page about it. You can just copy and paste information from wikipedia. Don't forget to state where it has bred.

When we first started the wiki, it only had "12" or "13" species if you include the Pool frog; which are all the native species to the UK, but now we have a total of 76 species on the wiki. Virtually all of them have at least 20 breeding pairs within the UK.

The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!

The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!

But we still need your help. If you have seen any amphibians or reptiles in the UK which aren't on the British Wildlife Wiki/British Herping Wiki please feel free to add a page about it. Just state where the population is and then add lots of information about it. You can copy & paste any information about the species from wikipedia BUT NOT FROM ANY OTHER WEBSITE! You can even do a little research on the species to see if there have been any other sightings of the species in the UK as well.

Thankyou for your time. 

Pages on this Wiki

Click Here to see all the amphibians breeding in the UK

Click Here to see all the Reptiles breeding in the UK

If your new to herping or just need some advice or help with herping click Here to go to our herping help page. This page has a list of different tutorial videos which will help you herp. From How to catch a lizard to How to herp in your garden.

And if your unsure on which habitats different species live in click Here to go to our habitats page.

Please feel free to search for a page

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This is a YouTube Partnership Network dedicated to herping channels. It is free to join and requires no contract. But will still benefit your channel in many ways...

The British Reptiles & Amphibians Trust Was founded in 2013, by Matthew Higginson. The aim of this organisation is to unite all Herpetologists on youtube as ONE! Not just herpers from the UK, but everyone. Weather you just video your pet reptiles/Amphibians or weather you actually go out herping, it doesn't matter. We want as many people to join as possible. I don't see why you won't want to join as it's free, and will do nothing but help promote your youtube channel, also I get no benefit out of this. All the details about this free service and how to join can be found here:

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Recently I have published a few apps for this website - They are all available on all iOS Devices and all Androids. Links to all the apps are below:

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The British Herping Wiki App Beta


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British Herping Wiki APP! Updated - Plus Lots of other Apps "iOS & Android Compatible"-0


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WE DO NOT TAKE CREDIT for any photos on this website off wikipedia. And they are only on this website as a guideline of what the amphibian or reptile looks like. Any photos off wikipedia on this site are labeled from wikipedia. We will only add photos if the photo off wikipedia says something similar to the text in the box below this paragraph. All pictures off wikipedia or any other site on this wiki are all either released into the public domain or are licensed under the 'Creative Commons Sharealike Licence'! If your image happens to be on this website from wikipedia and you don't want it to be then please contact me at about your concerns and we will remove the image immediately!
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Hunt for the Natterjack Toad!

The Natterjack Toad (Bufo calamita) is a toad native to sandy and heathland areas of Northern Europe. Adults are 60 – 70 mm in length and are distinguished from the common toad by a yellow line down the middle of the back. They have relatively long legs, and this gives them a distinctive gait, contrasting with the hopping movement of many other toad species. Natterjacks have a very loud and distinctive mating call, amplified by the single vocal sack found under the chin of the male animal. Read More...

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